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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 7, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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a car consignment business disappears as the owner of a luxury car lot skips town with dozens of autos belonging to dozens. good morning i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze this morning more victims are coming forward to tell a shocking story we reported first last night. people losing their cars after trusting a consignment center that suddenly shutdown. amy hollyfield is live at what was sunnyvale motors. >> reporter: of course, all of those car owners are victims. this guy is surrounded by auto body businesses. he would take the used cars to them, literally a horseshoe around him of different garages now many of them are also victims. car owners are still showing up looking for their cars. john says his mercedes is gone,
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a very expensive car. how much was the car worth? >> $40,000. >> reporter: this company took luxury cars on consignment, owners signed away the title and sunnyvale motor cars promised to sell them. the car lot is now empty, people's cars are no where to be found. >> seemed to be a nice guy when he wanted something. i didn't have a lot of involvement with him. very harbd to -- it was very hard to get paid. >> reporter: brandon stopped doing business with him, because he didn't like his ethics. >> cheating fixing used cars doing it his way, not our way. >> reporter: what is an example? >> used cars on cars not doing a full service, cutting corners i am >> reporter: he was lucky, it -- it would take two, three months but he got paid. his next door neighbor is out
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$8,000. >> my reaction is very mad and very nervous i lose the money on it. >> reporter: the owners say he also owes them thousands. the attorney representing the company's landlord is also looking for him. says he hasn't paid rent in two months. car owners show up looking for their cars break his heart. >> they are in disbelief. they can't belief they got swindled. sad to listen to their stories. >> reporter: here is a group of car owners now all gathering together to trying to figure out what to do next. one of the business owners told me they started seeing cars towed away friday by los gatos towing company. i called, they said they towed some of the cars away to suction. the dmv is investigating, they do not want to comment on the
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investigation at this time, so we are not naming the owner of the company because he has not been named as an official suspect. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> this started as a tip into the abc7 news i-team. if you have something you would like dan noyes and the i-team to investigate for you, you can call the tip-line. you can also e-mail the i-team through breaking news out of new zealand, preliminary magnitude 6.3 quake has struck the north island of new zealand. it hit 10:20 our time, two hours southeast of auckland. tsunami alert has not been issued residents of northern japan still feeling aftershocks following a 7.3 quake that hit overnight struck the north eastern japanese coast near the miyagi preeffect ter not far from the
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fukushima region where a devastating quake and tsunami hit last year. -- cameras were rolling when the quake hit tsunami warning called off, a number of aftershocks have been aorded -- have been recorded. no reports of serious injuries or deaths. a viewer from pleasanton took in, this morning captured shaking inside a building east of tokyo. you can send your video and photos of breaking news worldwide and here in the bay area to ureport. the san mateo county sheriff's department is asking for help in finding an elderly woman who wandered away this morning from her san carlos home. the 76-year-old has and is sometimes frightened by people, 5 a 6, weighs 130 -- 5'6,
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weighs 130. this morning a raiders' tan still in serious condition after falling from the third deck of the coliseum at last night's game. you can see in the video how long a fall that is. 50 feet, the man fell shortly after kickoff. it is not clear whether he jumped or fell. police believe it was an accident. happening now, wells fargo granting $20,000 each to east bay homeowner home buyers who qualify for down payment assistance part of a settlement with the u.s. justice department to involve lending claims. wells fargo is you ever aning five million dollars in assistance in areas most -- affected bay the housing crisis, nine cities in alameda and contra costa counties.
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the man considered to be the toughest sheriff in america is in san francisco trying to figure out whether students at a local middle school sent him hate mail. sheriff joe arpaio tried to clear it up. >> reporter: joe arpaio now is known as the toughest sheriff in america also as the most controversial sheriff in america. this morning he might qualify as the most frustrated sheriff in america. others exhibit adult quality penmanship but the words all in spanish allegedly from students in a middle school sent to the sheriff, designed to hurt. >> then they said i have concentration camps with my tent city i put up 20 years ago. then i'm a racist. and i break up families and
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just go after brown people. >> reporter: he has a national reputation for aggressive enforcement of illegal immigration laws. he figured since he was coming to town he offered to come out to the middle school and talk to the students or at least the teachers or the principal. >> i'm concerned about parents given the wrong message to their kids even teachers in schools. because in class had to be controlled by a teacher. >> reporter: arpaio says the meeting today was suddenly cancelled by school officials he doesn't know why but he never believed the letters were from the children it was orchestrated effort by teacher or teachers to turn children against him. he doesn't mind being known as the sheriff who made inmates wear pink underwear or work on chain s but he doesn't want the -- gangs, but he didn't want the kids to think of him
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for something he never did. rereceived e-mail from the school saying the problem was scheduling and they would like sheriff arpaio to write them a letter so it could be read to the students in class. the sheriff says he's available this afternoon, tonight to midnight if necessary to meet with teachers or the principal. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. still ahead, new u.s. expansion plans for an apple supply company with a history of trouble overseas. tragic turn of events following a radio station hoax. >> the attack on pearl harbor, 71 years later, events happening now marking a
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the duke and duchess of cambridge issued a statement this morning expressing their sorrow over the apparent suicide of a nurse at the hospital where the pregnant kate was treated for severe morning sickness. the nurse was found unconscious near the hospital in london. she was the nurse who earlier this week took a prank call from two australian deejays pretending to be the queen and prince charles. she transfered them to kate's private nurse who gave detailed information on kate's condition, all of which was recorded and went viral. the radio station just issued a statement saying the deejays are shocked and will not return to their show until further notice, out of respect for the tragedy. happening now in the east
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bay, the u.s. coast guard is paying tribute to survivors of the japanese attack on pearl harbor on the 71st anniversary. cornell better tphrard -- bernard joins us from the coast guard station. >> reporter: coast guard members ever taking a moment to remember a dark time in our history 71 years later the attack on pearl harbor remains a day that will indeed live in infamy. >> ready, aim, fire! >> reporter: 21-gun salute for three men who still remember that day, veterans who witnessed the attack on pearl harbor. today the coast guard paid tribute to them and the sacrifice made by thousands who lost their lives. >> the surprise that the japanese had come this far
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away from home to attack us, i really was, i expected them to attack the philippines. as we were going out, you see the ships all the smoke and fire. 19-year-old kid, it is new to you, didn't really know what to think. >> reporter: pearl harbor survivors are now in their 90s but say they will never forget the surprise attack. there was a ceremony to pay tribute to all branches. tonight survivors will light the beacon on top of mount diablo the same which guided u.s. warplanes back into the area. foxconn the part supplier for apple is considering a u.s. expansion in response to
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apple's ceo's plan to begin manufacturing some products domestically. foxconn has come under fire for its labor practices. apple has not revealed which product will be made in the u.s. or in which part of the country. i saw this bright yellow thing in the sky i didn't know what that was. was that the sun? >> i haven't been out yet, i have to check that out. you may be talking about the sun, absolutely. it is back, better than ever and it is going to hang around for a long time. we'll talk about our threat of fog again in tomorrow morning's forecast and how that is going to lead possible 70s this weekend. tough to be a mom or dad. new study finds parenthood can play a big part in how long you live. plus, familiar faces
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helping to ring in the spirit of the holiday season.
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i'm sure i don't need to tell you that parenthood is tough. it is actually good for your health. researchers looked at more than 21,000 couples women who gave birth were four times as likely to live longer than those who didn't. findings for men was similar they could live twice as long than men without children. [ unintelligible ] chairman of the fcc has sent a letter to the faa asking them to allow use of mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices during all portions of flight. right now faa requires passengers to turn devices off during takeoff and landing. officials say they will review that policy. as mike coaches his kids he is wondering do i really
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think i'm going to live twice as long? >> having teenaged boys is going to make me live longer, really? >> have two hour and see if you live four times as long we are well past that stage, thank you though. thank you very much. good morning. i feed to get out and soak up some -- i need to get out and soak up some of the sun or go to tahoe and have the breeze in my face and snow guns blowing snow all over me that would be wonderful. my family still does not like snow from the three years we spent in minnesota, crazy. back here at moment, gorgeous picture of lake tahoe from heavenly resort from mount tamalpais, little hazy, a few high clouds, a lot of sun in the forecast right now. you can see reinforces notion of dry air we don't see ray
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tkrarpbs we are in a holding pattern as far as wet weather coming our way let's look at all the the fog faded still tule fog in the central valley most of the clouds out over the ocean heading north to south which means away from our coast. we have sunshine now 47 san rafael, livermore because of the fog there you are 51 santa rosa 50 everybody else in the mid to upper 50s. monterey bay and inland mid to upper 50s except santa cruz 52, she will catch up. mostly sunny and mild today one more night of tule fog rolling in and it will be sunny and warmest afternoons are sunday, monday, tuesday, also the mornings without fog. while we were going flew all those storms our temperatures dropped -- going through all those storms our temperatures dropped. a few areas stay in the 50s
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like san rafael, half moon bay, richmond, have a low, antioch upper 50s you probably won't notice the difference. low to mid 60s monterey bay bay low to mid 60s inland tonight cool, a few 30s, mainly 40s dominate and 51 san francisco any fog will be combined to the -- confined to the east bay valleys and north bay, probably less widespread than it was this morning. storm track well to the north as this high pressure expands it is going to keep the storm track north. no new snow other than what they make in tahoe. 50 within today will feel like winter, 42 sunday l.a. low to mid 70s all weekend in the 50s during the overnight hours. we'll make a run at 70 sunday and monday afternoon slightly cooler tuesday, a front that will slide more towards the
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sierra will drop temperatures into the 50s for wednesday and thursday. usually sue hall is hoping for light traffic right now she wants heavy traffic in union square. >> that's because -- ♪ ♪ >> look at those familiar faces. >> don sanchez and sue hall ringing in the holiday season this morning at the 32nd annual celebrity ringing of the bells outside macy's. >> this year's theme is rock the square featuring a concert going on now. go out there and say hi. just ahead, mike is going to introduce us to a new friend.
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coming up at 3:00 on katie, million dollar ideas and then raising a stink in malibu the problem not sitting well with residents. at 5, warning signs to look
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for so you don't get taken in a car consignment scan as in the bay area did. those stories and more later today. let's talk a little pure love with this friday's perfect pet. >> schnitzel the snoozer. >> nice to see you. -- always nice to see you. >> tell us about schnitzel,. >> schnitzel is 13 years old, still pepe although you might not see it now. now he's in coma mode. >> he's in love mode now. >> he's part of our home for the holidays program at the spca all our holiday-named pets, cats and dogs have their adoption fee waived for the month of december. even though he's 13 he still has a lot of life left in him we would love to see somebody
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give him a wonderful home for the holidays. >> call the east bay spca.
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[cheers and applause] >> hi, baby. >> how are you? >> good. how are you? >> good. [cheers and applause] >> hello and welcome to millionaire. thank you, guys. we are hoping for big things from today's returning contestant, as she was forced to go to the library every wednesday by her dad,
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